Most Common Gate Operator Problems

Most Common Gate Operator Problems

Installing automatic electric gates is not that easy. It is a really complicated process and this is why it is extremely important for the future owners to know what they will use the gate for. They should thoroughly explain to the technician what the purpose of that gate will be so that the technician could recommend the most suitable gate for them. The future owners will also have to choose between different materials, styles, colors, types of automation and ways of opening. There should be a safety check done by the technician before the gate is installed so that the technician could know if the gate is suitable for the given conditions.
As with any other device, some problems may occur with a gate operator. These are some of the most usual ones.

The Gate is not Moving or Making Any Sound

  • Check if your break and switch are properly working
  • Check the outlet that the gate machinery is plugged into. Try and use some other device to see if it will work while being plugged into the same Receptacle.
  • Check your outlets to see if any of them have been tripped. Be sure to check all because if the ground fault interrupter is tripping this is probably preventing power to travel to the outlet in which you have the gate operator plugged into.
  • The problem could also just be that you’re remote control has been broken. It’s batteries have probably died or it’s just the right time to replace it with a new one.

The Gate Does Not Stop Where It’s Supposed To

If your gate operator is not meeting the designated stopping point, the limit switch nut or cam is failing to hit the limit switch at the specific set time. If you have a sliding gate, you’ll see that a lever is holding the limit nut in place. It’s riding the inside the slots of the limit nut almost like a rolling wave. Press the back of the lever and roll the limit nut until it hits the limit switch and that will solve your problem by putting it back to it’s designated place.

Gate Does Not Open Unless Someone is Standing Next to it.

  • One Possible reason for this issue could be the antenna had been cut or was shortened. Try to rearrange your antenna and put it as high as you can for better signal and be sure that it does not touch any other piece of metal as this will interrupt the signal.
  • Another issue with this could be that there is another transmitting source that is interfering with yours. Check to see if there is another local source next to yours that is causing this issue. This could be another radio station, a military base, or even an airport or some sort of flight path. If you do happen to have these buildings being the interruption of your signal, you will then have to get your hands on a special radio receiver and antenna for your gate opener.
  • Check the brand of your radio receiver. Look for a name such as Multi Code, Linear, Liftmaster, or megacode. Your remote control should have the same brand name, and once you press the button on your remote control you should hear a clicking noise which means its getting the signal command.

The Gate Doesn’t Close

  • Check to see if there is something blocking the gate physically. Check the wheel’s and their bearings as well. Make sure that nothing is broken or loose that could cause any potential hazards. Check the entrapment protection device (Photo Eye Sensor) and make sure that it is aligned to the reflector and that nothing is blocking the reflecting signal it is receiving from the photo eye itself.
  • If this still does not fix the issue, proceed to the next step. If you have a slide Gate opener, remove the chain. If you have a swing gate opener, remove the swing gate arm. Try to manually open and close the gate, if you succeed at opening and closing it then nothing is preventing it from malfunctioning physically. That means the issue would be coming from the machinery like the control board most likely. It would then be recommended to call a professional technician for help.

Remote Controller Doesn’t Work

  • On most remote controls, you’ll see that there is a red light on the top part of the controller. When you press the button that sends the command signal to open the gate operator the red light should blink as you press it to signify that it works. If it didn’t light up when you pressed it then try replacing the current batteries with new ones. If after replacing the old batteries and the controller still does not work, it simply means that it has reached its expiration date and it’s time for a new remote control. You can contact your technician and they will replace and program your new remote control for you.

Manual Release Mode

  • Yes, your gate is supposed to be functioning automatically but there will be situations where you will have to put your gate into manual mode. Sometimes the power will go out in your home/area, or your gate is not operating correctly because you didn’t do your every 6 month annual service. Most gate operators have a Foot Pedal that allows you to operate your gate manually when these type of situations come up. You should have a manual release key and your gate should have been tested manually during the installation.

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