How To Protect Your Electric Gate From Winter Weather

Here in Massachusetts, we can have some harsh winters – the frost and below freezing temperatures mean that the inner workings of your gate can work less efficiently.

It’s important to ensure you maintain your gates over winter to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear and so that you can feel safer. While no one can guarantee that a gate operator will continue working whatever the weather, here are a few things you can do to prevent any mechanical issues.

1. We would recommend getting your electric gates serviced once a year.

2. Run the operating system a few times especially if the temperature has been below freezing. This will warm the motors and should also alert you to any frozen or binding mechanisms, and if there aren’t any it keeps the inner gears and linkages free and makes sure the mechanism stays moving freely.

3. Check the gate and drive gear/link levers/drive rack for any signs of wear and tear or alignment issues.

4. Keep the gate hinges properly greased to prevent the hinge from freezing and thus reducing friction.

5. Ensure the gate torque levels are set correctly. This should only be done by a qualified technician and the gates force tested afterwards.

6. Check that there is suitable drainage so the gate isn’t exposed to too much rain, snow or ice. Check the underground boxes are free from debris and drain into the land. Trapped water will freeze and prevent the motor/levers from moving.

7. If it has been snowing, make sure you remove the snow daily from around the gates so movement isn’t restricted. Or keep your gates locked in the ‘open’ position if snow is in the forecast.

8. Consider adding a heater to the gate operators – when temperatures drop below freezing the oil in the gearbox can thicken and can impede the movement of the gate. Operating hydraulic operators several times should warm up the hydraulic fluid inside.

9. Make sure photocells are clear of snow and frost – if they are blocked they will prevent your gate from closing. Wipe with a warm, moist (not wet) cloth. Use water only (do not spray with oil for example).

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