If you had to choose who should install your security gate, would you hire a general maintenance worker or the company that actually manufactured the gate itself?

Having a security gate is an essential investment for any business or home. The choice of gate is not simple as every opening is unique and there are many gate models to choose from. There is also a vast array of colors, finishes and styles. However, the most important factor remains the reason behind the rolling gate installation, security against thieves and vandals!

No matter what gate is selected and no matter how strong its' steel, if a rolling gate installation is not carried out by an expert, security is compromised.

For many years, Boston Gate Operators has not only been carrying out rolling gate installations in Danvers, MA & Greater Boston area, but manufacturing the gates themselves. This means that we have the experience and expertise to know exactly how to install these gates. Boston Gate Operators customers receive 100% protection from a gate designed by a leading brand combined with accurate installation.

We follow several time-proven, crucial steps to guarantee that each rolling gate installation is a success. Firstly, an expert meets the client on-site to take accurate measurements, which are then approved by the client. Next, the necessary materials are fabricated from the finest materials on the market. All materials are custom-made per order. Finally, the gate is installed. This method of rolling gate installation leaves little room for error and saves customers time and money on unnecessary repairs and replacements in the long run.