Can An Automatic Gate Be Hacked?

Automatic and electric gates have risen in popularity over the recent years. Homeowners and business-owners prefer these gates over manual ones since these provide additional security.

What is an automatic gate?

Automatic gates have been developed for the convenience of homeowners and it’s handy for commercial premises as well. Automatic gates are used to control access to an area. They’re used at the entrance of commercial or residential properties.

There are two main kinds of automated gates available for properties: swing and slide gates. A swing gate opens inward or outward of the property, similar to traditional gates, but with tracks on which it moves. Slide gates are for properties that don’t have as much space; the gate slides along the tracks that run near the wall.

The gate operator is electrically powered and controls the movement of these gates. Gate operators can be chain-driven, hydraulic, or even gear-driven.

Automatic gate accessories

Access control systems

Automatic gates can be opened and closed with an access control system. A variety of these systems are available today like, vehicle tag readers, card readers, portable wireless transmitters, etc. Such access controls are mainly used for commercial premises.

For residential properties, transmitters, underground gate operators, CCTV, and keypad access are popular choices. However, homeowners and business-owners are often concerned about unauthorized individuals hacking into the system.

Can An Automated Gate Actually Be Hacked?

The first automated garage doors came with keypads. More access controls have now been developed, increasing the chances of hacking into the system. A simple toy could be used to hack certain gates in seconds.

The latest automated gates have rolling and hopping codes. This system is used in wireless car locks as well. They’re safer since they’re more difficult to hack into.

Automated gates embedded with wireless connections, however, can be hacked into. A hacker can gain access to the wireless system and control it. We therefore advise our clients who have a password-protected system to change the password regularly to prevent any unauthorized access. CCTV installation and alarms make the premises more secure.

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