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A gate remote is only one part of a complete gate access system. Your access control needs will vary depending on the traffic you expect at your gate. Property owners typically use a remote control and receiver with a keypad at the gate to facilitate visitor entry, while busier entry ways may require a telephone entry system.

Intercom & telephone entry

When it comes to communicating with guests at your gate, there is no better way to get the job done than using our high-quality telephone intercom systems. Boston Gate Operators offers a wide range of phone entry systems that give you complete control of your gate communication.

Keypad access

Wireless keypads for electric gates allow you to easily and efficiently control access to your lot or building. The keyless entry systems can be placed nearly anywhere around your entry system and communicates with your gate remotely.

Programmable access controls

Programmable access controls

Anti-passback features allow programming of the entry device to limit the time or frequency with which an individual card, code or key can be used. This reduces the opportunity for individuals to share a card or pass code.

A programmable card reader is also used to provide gate access. Each tenant/owner has his/her own card. The codes can be replaced as cards are lost or as authorized users change. Anti-pass-back programming can prevent card sharing.

"Proximity" card readers allow quicker access to gates and doors without stopping to "swipe" or touch the card to the reader. The greater the readable distance between the card and the reader, the more flexible the system and therefore the greater the cost. Read distances between 4" and 36" are the most common.

Remote access & receiver systems

Digital transmitters (push-button-remotes) can provide gate access. Multi-button options allow individual control of multiple gates/doors. Smaller key-chain sizes are also available. Upgraded security is available with individually coded transmitters that prevent copying and can be individually deleted. These upgraded transmitters can also be tracked and logged into databases for transaction analysis.

Smartphone access

Smartphone apps are becoming more popular and reliable and are generally yield lower installation cost. Control the gate with your smartphone. The gate opens with a smartphone app that can create keys, grant access, view activity log and more. You can share and control the access to your gate/garage door from your phone app.