Reliable automatic gate operators for access where & when you need it

Reliable automatic gate operators for access where & when you need it

Installing a new sliding or swinging gate doesn't make much sense without the right gate operator or access control system.

Boston Gate Operators offers a variety of solutions to fit all your residential and commercial gate needs. With quality products from leading manufacturers and professional installation, you can count on us for reliable performance and the safety and security you need.

Our specialists can help you choose the right gate operator and access control for your property.

We install slide, swing, and barrier gate operators for residential and high-traffic commercial and industrial applications. Our gate operators are the perfect solution to give faster, safer access to your family, guests, tenants, and employees. We install automatic operators to fit the length, weight, and frequency of use of your gate. A gate operator is essential to keep your gate closed and secure at all times, as locks and latches simply don't provide the same level of protection. Contact us to discuss your needs - we can design a custom solution for your home or business.

Greater security & convenience with our custom access control solutions

The right access control system will meet your demands for security and convenience. Whether you need access control for a residential home, gated community, office building, or industrial property, we offer a variety of options to help you easily manage your access points.

With keypads, card readers, and remote systems available, we can design the perfect access solution to meet your accessibility and security needs.

Choose from a variety of operators & features

  • Swing gate operators
  • Slide gate operators
  • Barrier arms
  • Intercom & telephone entry
  • Keypad access
  • Programmable access controls
  • Remote access & receiver systems
  • Card reader access
Many of these systems are available with battery backup, ensuring your gate operator will function even if you lose power and giving you peace of mind.